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What's a content producer to do?


It doesn’t matter that you've interviewed some of the upcoming gems in the industry - and asked them some in-depth, "oooh, that's good", Sean Evans-esque questions, that give your listeners actionable strategy they can implement! Or that your podcast conversation, was so finger lickin' good, that even YOU had to put it on repeat! (I mean...when it's good, it's good).

Alas, the dirty, low-down truth is this: the best content producers—the true hidden gems—struggle to break out from the noise in this Attention Economy. Getting passed over for the established names in the game that get featured (or get the cover, who are we kidding?!) in Entrepreneur or something.  

Whatever! The right people will find me after I do THIS podcast interview!
Or after I publish THIS video on YouTube!
My audience will come in tsunami waves, you'll see!


But, are we so sure? <strokes imaginary hairless cat>

Because here's what I often see happen:

  • Creator spend a ton of time making new content, but they spend little to no time promoting it. Their promotional efforts getting thrown into the proverbial "junk drawer".

  • No one on the team (if there is a team) has the bandwidth to go through & repurpose all the content.

  • There's never been a true, focused effort on figuring out the promotion strategy for the content.

And you already know what that means?

Image by Brandy Kennedy
Stressed Woman

When you try so hard to produce high quality content for your fantastical

audience -- but then you publish it, and IMMEDIATELY have to go onto the next

piece of content.


You know that volume, speed, and quality count more than ever to get, AND KEEP,

your audiences' attention. 

And you know about this thing called "repurposing content". But - you don't have

the time (gotta stay on schedule!), you wanna curl up in a ball and cry just thinking about opening up the video editing software,

and then you go into this guilt trip for not doing all you can, to bring attention and traffic to your site - leaving you wanting to melt into the floor. 

Frustration with the lack of traffic, so you start to question EVERYTHING about your business/brand/service.

Second guessing the quality of your content

Burn out from working in the Content Mill from Hell. 

This is precisely why I got into business: because I know that I can help you fix all of that, and more!

I'm a video editor that specializes in content creation & repurposing, and I know two things to be true:

(1) You don't have a lot of money to spend on hiring another full-time video editor in order to do this repurposing work;
(2) You don't have a lot of time to do it yourself (even if you did - it might turn out badly).

But what do you have?

A small, mountain of old content.

Your old content can be manipulated & repurposed, at no cost, with very little effort, and dramatically pack your publishing calendar, to the rim. The amount, and quality, of the content you publish can determine whether or not someone finds you and fangirls[boys] out...or not.
Because that's the thing about content, isn't it?
All you need to do is "wow" them once.
Once they see stars in their eyes over what they watched, read, or heard - they'll go down the rabbit hole to see what else you got.
Writing a Sticky Note

They'll return regularly, and/or telling all of their friends and colleagues about you, creating valuable word-of-mouth business - which leads to shares on social platforms. And that doesn't even factor in the engagement you'll get, further benefiting your business in various divisions - like a giant chain reaction. 

That's the dream, baby!

For you (and your clients) the more content created, the bigger the audience.

The bigger the audience, the increased likelihood of success. 

The more successful you (or they) are, the more deals that can be onboarded.

The more deals onboarded, the more money in EVERYONE’S pocket.


And that's why I've developed The Puck'n Studio.
You don't need to create more content. You need to go through it & pick out the best ones to whittle down.
You don't need to sit & wait for traffic to come to you. You need to distribute that content, bringing it straight to the people.
You don't need to create new content every, single day. You need to create quality content a few times a month.


But of course, if you're not looking to take on that action, all you need to do is hand off the content - to me. 

Pass the baton, and I'll take it from there.

It's nice to have options.




 Hi. I'm Gigi Rodgers. 

I'm the founder of The Puck'n Studio, and as you know, The Chop Shop Chief of this joint. 

I've been marinating in the marketing arena for
a little over 5 years, where I got my stripes in - content marketing, scriptwriting, directing, &
of course, video editing.

These days, I've refocused my attention back to my natural super powers: storytelling through video, baby! And that also entails helping brands, like you, find that relatable voice - when you're creating content - that your audience craves.

So, you're pretty much getting a two-fer!
My video editing skillz (yeah, with a "z") & my marketing brain power. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
This girl's on a mission!​

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