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and then you go into this guilt trip for not doing all you can, to bring attention and traffic to your site - leaving you wanting to melt into the floor. 

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Hi. I'm Gigi Rodgers

I'm the founder of The Puck'n Studio, sometimes known as "The Chop Shop Chief" of this joint. But I'll get to that later.
I've been marinating in the marketing arena for a little over 10 years, where I got my stripes in - content marketing, scriptwriting, directing, and of course, video production & editing.

I stumbled into creating educational video series in my first marketing job in 2016, and have been creating them for years since.
And after talking with many aspiring YouTubers or Course Creators, I noticed some commonalities:

  • Most folks think they don't have the budget to shoot & film themselves.
    "Let's see, you're going to need a 3-lighting kit bundle, a Rode mic pronounced "Ro-day" or "Road", an overhead rig, and a camera that costs 2X more than your monthly rent. All equaling up to -10 points on your credit score". Geez, no thanks.

  • I need theater training to talk in front of the camera.
    "There's a lot of lines I have to get through. I'm going to embarrass myself with having to do 50 takes on ONE line! And I know I'm going to stumble over my words saying a lot of "ums", "uhs", and "you knows", while I'm thinking of what to say next, and avoiding eye contact with the camera at all times! How do I get through that? How do I memorize all those lines? This is impossible."

  • I'm not charismatic enough to be on camera.
    "I'm an introvert. I'm not naturally expressive. Only folks with charisma can do video."
    Let's set the record straight. It's not about who looks the flashiest on camera, it's about the quality of the content & how valuable it is to your audience. 

So, you're pretty much getting a two-fer!
My video editing skillz (yeah, with a "z") & my marketing brain power. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
This girl's on a mission!​


What You'll Learn in The Puck'n Studio

Course Creation on Modest Budgets

No one's trying to put your bank account in a headlock for you to shoot & record your videos. I've got tips to knock off a zero or two off of your receipts.

Memorizing lines? Ain't no one got time for that (unless you're an actual actor or actress)! You've got a business to build, a life to live, and Netflix specials to catch up on! Let's get you up and running so this doesn't suck up ALL of your time!

Feeling squeamish as soon as the red light goes on? Don't exactly know where to look when talking at the camera? Don't you worry, Buttercup! I got you covered with how to look like a NATURAL in front of the camera - with little to no effort on your end.

Become a Natural in
Front of the Camera

Skip the
Theater Training

That's right!
I'm going to get you set up to be so comfortable on camera that you'll have the confidence to pump out & hit publish on your videos with little to no hesitation.

Note: I find that the hesitation never 100% goes away! But the fear in your head becomes less and less relevant, until publishing a video is as natural as tying your shoes!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, people!
Gigi's on a mission!​


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