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That thing you say you're going to do, eventually.



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According to a survey done by OptinMonster, one of the biggest challenges that 60% of people have, when it comes to content marketing, is creating good, engaging content consistently.
Lucky for you - you worked that out.
You do video interviews, or have a podcast, where you'll crank out 5-6 episodes in a week! Good for you.
Though, outside of posting them to your social media platforms & your guests, also being so kind to do so - how will other people find out about you?
Podcasts aren't really searchable unless you SPECIFICALLY enter in the title. Videos are searchable, but you're going against people (probably) with a better SEO strategy than you.
And even if someone does stumble across your video or
podcast - where they WILL judge it by it's cover image & title - there's LITTLE guarantee that they'll give you a 15 second watch or listen.
So, it would be prudent of you to warm your audience up, and to get all up in their feed, wouldn't you agree?
To share with them, snippets of the episode that are so compelling that they can't HELP but - click the link you provide & listen, or watch, the full episode.
You never really know what micro piece of content is going to resonate with your audience. 
You never really know what micro piece of content is going to go viral. 
So why not put it out into the world and let the market decide?


"67% of people discover new podcasts on social media. So, the more repurposing on social media you do, the more people will discover your amazing content."


"94% of marketers use social media for content distribution...and video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics.


"Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3X more leads".


"81% of marketers say video has increased the average time visitors spend on page. 87% note that video has improved traffic to their site. 83% say that video has helped with lead generation, and 80% say say video has directly assisted in improving sales". 


"As you generate new assets, you’ll explain your episode content in multiple ways. This makes it easier for different types of people to understand your key points and see you as an authority in your space".


"By repurposing and updating [your] content, [you] can invest [your] resources more effectively, as well as target multiple platforms and audiences. This approach also has SEO benefits, enabling [you] to adapt [your] keyword strategies and stay relevant".

Gary Vaynerchuk

"Don't allow yourself to say, "I should have done more". 

Gary Vaynerchuk

"Micro content” is created from each episode and is used to drive awareness back to the original long-form content. And this is how I was able to get over 35,000,000 total views from 1 piece of content". 



"Consumers need to see your brand’s messaging a minimum of SEVEN TIMES before taking action. Consistently seeing your content in their feeds or search results will build trust and ultimately attract new listeners to check out your show. Repurposing podcast [and video] content for multiple channels is the best way to satisfy this Rule of Seven and increase your audience". - Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Ready To Reach More People,
Without The Extra Work?
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