The Chop Shop "Spit + Shine" Service

Best for: testing out the "multiplication" service

Let’s solve one of your biggest problems today, shall we? 

  • You’re burnt out from constantly creating new content

  • You’ve got very little (if any) traffic flowing to your website 

  • You're content isn't breaking through the noise

  • You’re feeling guilty about not doing a better job of promoting your content & being inconsistent

  • You know repurposing content is a valuable promotion strategy, but who's got the bandwidth for that?

So let me help you get started in the right direction today. 

The Chop Shop's "Spit + Shine" Service was made for video & podcast content producers who are struggling to figure out how  to compete against the 1 trillion others in their field, and finally start to get more traffic to their business, service, and/or brand - without having to create brand, spankin' new content.

Over the course of just 3 days, you will:

  • Hand over your logo, brand colors (who doesn't like a good hex?), font choice, and your social media handles (let's get people accustomed to your brand colors!)

  • Let's talk which platform(s) you're going to publish these beauties on (because the video dimensions matter)

  • We'll discuss your CTA (Call-To-Action) at the end of the video (and perhaps run tests to see which one drives more conversions)

  • And finally, we'll talk about the captions throughout the video (which is a MUST, especially since 85% of videos are watched with no sound

What would 10 new subscribers - every day - to your channel, to your email list, or in your sales funnel - mean for your bottom line? 

Perhaps it would mean time redirected towards bulking up other aspects of your business (e.g., adding online offerings, stepping up your email marketing game, etc).

Maybe it would mean upgrading your audio & video equipment so you have a more polished look & sound.

Maybe it would mean more speaking gigs, interviews, and collaborations.
Or, heck, maybe it would just mean a much-needed break from feeding the "content machine", and FINALLY feeling confident that things are on the right track. 

And when things are on the right track, you give yourself a mental break. 

I want you to feel that kind of confidence, and that breather, when you wake up every day and go to work, to build your dream. 

So when you work with me to get The Chop Shop's "Spit + Shine", I won’t just help you multiply your content: I'll help you get back your time (and sanity) so you can focus on the opportunities that will propel your brand, business, and/or service - forward. 


When you sign up for The Chop Shop's "Spit + Shine" before March 19, 2021, you’ll get this service for just $500.

The Chop Shop's "Spit + Shine" Service usually starts at $797, that lasts a solid 72 hours.

But if you sign up today, you can sprinkle some multiplier magic over top of your brand with The Chop Shop's "Spit + Shine" Service. And within that week, you'll be ready to fill your content calendar to the brink - for just one payment of $250 today, and one payment of $250 when we finish. 

In fact, I'm so sure that you’ll love all the new video shorts created, that if you don’t like them, I’ll happily give you your money back. 

You won’t have to worry about that, of course, because I'm confident that you’ll love the results produced. 
But I know it can be scary to try something new. With strangers! Who you haven’t met yet!


So why don’t we fix that right now. 

Let’s get together and do a "Spit + Shine" on your old videos, so you can start getting more views on your content, getting more traffic to your website, getting found on Google, and getting more of your time back - all by making some simple, but powerful, changes to your strategy.

It’ll only take 72 hours. 

And all you have to do to get started is submit a 50% deposit to reserve your space.
I currently have availability starting the weeks of: 


March 21st

March 28th

April 5th 

When you book, you’ll simply indicate which Monday you’d like to begin, submit your deposit, and then you’ll receive a confirmation receipt from us automatically. At that point, I'll reach out to schedule a call and get you set-up for our chop shoppin'! 

After all, marketing doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be done. 

And turns out? 

I know exactly what to do.

P.S. Want to talk to me first before you book? Sure thing! Here’s my contact information -->
Reach out anytime.