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You don't need new content. You need someone to do a "Spit & Shine" on the content you already have! Lucky for you, you found that someone that can deliver this to you in 72 hours, or less. Here's the process in a nutshell.

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1. Send Me Your

You shoot me over the raw video, interview, and/or video podcast via WeTransfer. So convenient to use!

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2. I Put it Through the 
    Chop Shop

I'll disassemble the footage, trimming out the best moments & adding any bedazzlement where necessary.

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3. Share it With Your

I'll send you the finished files, so you'll be able to distribute them across your social media landscape.

"Catch Their Eyes So You Can Catch Their Attention".



Just to give you a taste - video shorts, interviews, and audiograms...oh my!

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“Content Repurposing is About Getting the Maximum Return From Every Single Piece of Content You Create.” -Amy Woods

Rocket Your Site Traffic By 20%-40% Without Creating New Content.

Our service turns your average 30-60 minute interview or video podcast episode, into a supercharged stack of micro content, that brings an old, and new, audience back to your main site.

Do you know what that means for you? That means that, that cornucopia of archived videos you have coughing up Charlotte's web - can do some major lifting for you, again. The result?
At least 20 - 40% increase in traffic…just by putting your old content 
to work. 


Let's Set Your Content Up to Invade the Internet.

"Content is king, but marketing is Queen. And she's running the household". - Gary Vaynerchuk.

Let's break it down simple:

More traffic to your website leads to - more leads, more listeners to your podcast, more viewers on your YouTube channel, more email subscribers, and of course - more sales & revenue added to your bottomline.

You're looking to get your traffic, and your revenue, up. So you're not just looking to repurpose content - you're looking to invade the space with your best highlights over the years & do some serious land grabbing!

But there are so many hours in the day. How will you accomplish this domination?
Enter a sweet, service called The Puck'n Chop Shop.

Sleep Well  Knowing  All Your Content is Bringing All The Ear & Eye Balls
to the Yard.

Things you can stop worrying about: Feeling guilty about not doing a better job of producing consistent content; Feeling low down when you add another soul crushing, list item to your full-time editor's 'to-do list'; Frustration that editing video is a "time suck", keeping you away from working on other parts of your business; and stressing about what to post on your social media platforms every day, leaving you to not post anything at all after an hour of "hmmm-ing" and "haw-ing".

Instead, feel some relief knowing that your (1) piece of video content will multiply, practically overnight. For the first time, you can schedule content, ahead, for the next few days - or weeks! You can start prepping for new content while the old content brings in a new audience. You have breathing room to work on other parts of your business, knowing that your hefty, online presence - is powering all of this.


“Podcasts Should Be Seen, Not Just Heard”.
-Tania Fox

Content Creators, you should be drooling a little by now.

Imagine someone - that's not you - going through all your old video content and pulling out all the great nuggets of your conversation.


From there, those nuggets are turned into video shorts or a stylized audio short. 


How many pieces of micro content do you think would come out of that ONE episode? 

I've pulled more than 18 pieces of micro content out of 1 video episode that was 35 minutes long.

Now imagine if you have more than 50 episodes live, currently...

You getting a little excited?
You should be. 

Most podcast directories lack the ways for creators to interact with their audience, which is why you have to take things to social media. 

Not only can users "rate" your content, they can also share and comment on it in real time. 
Giving you the opportunity to know what actually resonates with them. 

It's either that...or wondering if you're just "screaming into the void". 

More isn't always a good idea, but in this

case, when it comes to the promotion of your content - yeah...yeah, it is.

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